Bathing Barbie

Taylor has a barbie that she loves.

It goes just about everywhere with her.

It eats when Taylor eats.

It sleeps when Taylor sleeps.

It bathes when Taylors bathes…until recently, that is.

Barbie must have told Taylor that she wanted more baths. 

And Taylor, being the problem solver that she is, checked out the best places in the house for Barbie to bathe.

Barbie now likes to bathe in my dishwater. {Hot tub?}

And my toilet. {Pool?…Gross!} 

Now the dishwater I don’t mind too much….except for the mess. 

The toilet is another story…

Taylor is a sneaky thing.

She is very good at getting into the bathroom unnoticed.

I think her and Barbie are tag teaming.

You know…Babs scopes the joint out and lets Tay know when the coast is clear.

Then they make a break for the porcelain pool.

Pretty soon they’ll be having parties in there…

Ken, Skipper and the whole gang will be invited.

I can see it now…


Photos from earlier today:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Barbie’s taking a qiuck dip.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
She sure loves the bubbles!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
*These images were censored for her own protection.*


I hope ya’ll got a laugh from that…I know I did.  🙂



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4 responses to “Bathing Barbie

  1. That is sooo hilarious!! I love how you edited it 😆

  2. LOL, this is very funny. I love that she has a freind like Barbie to play with 🙂

  3. lookingforlifeshumor

    Cute! My son didn’t have a barbie, but he did have a horsey that he carried with him everywhere – did everything he did, except engage in water sports (baths). Fun stuff!

  4. fburnett

    oh boy…looks like your in it for the long haul! Jacob is 17 and still has to play and put everything and any thing in water. Sometimes its hysterical, keeping the dog in the creek for hours throwing the ball to him…Then its crazy…trying to survivie the tree frogs (who don’t like water-BTW) Jacob thinks belongs in the water! We have since bought many books and have shown the difference. You better start getting out picture books now…what belongs in toilet and what does not…do they have a book like that?

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