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Artist in Training

We had gorgeous weather here on Sunday.  We took advantage of it by going outside to do some painting that we needed to get done.

Emma (my youngest) really wanted to help paint, so Doug set her up with a paintbrush, paint and a  board to paint.  After a while she went to go play and I was took over her painting.

I had noticed that Taylor was watching Emma (and then me) paint.  She came over to me and acted like she wanted the paintbrush.  I handed it to her, then showed her how to dip the brush in the paint and then move the brush on the board. 

After a minute of two, I let her go on her own:











She really enjoyed it! 

It was so fun to watch her paint.  I love it when she takes interest in what we are doing.  It used to be that  she could care less about what was going on around her,  but this is changing more and more as Taylor becomes older and more aware of her surroundings. 

Painting is an activity that I will definitely keep in my itinerary for this summer now that I have a budding artist on my hands!


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On a Lighter Note…

I kind of just realized that my last two posts here were kind of doom and gloom.  I do want to clarify that even though things with Taylor aren’t so hot at school (but she has loved her weekly visits to her old school-go figure) she’s been doing really well at home.


Lately it seems like Taylor’s need (or want) for independence has been on the increase.  Along with that has also been an increase in testing her boundaries.  =)

She cracked me up the other day… she was wanting to sit on the arm of the couch…a no-no in our house (even for her).  Doug and I were repeatedly telling her to sit on the couch.  She’d slide off the arm onto the couch, then watch us to see if we were paying attention, then she’d smile like she was Sneaky McSneakerson and sit right back up on the arm. 

It was all I could do not to laugh.  Even Doug had a hard time not laughing.  It was right about then that she threw us a curve.  She was back on the arm of the couch and Doug said “Taylor, sit down, now.”

Taylor looks him dead in the eye and says “No!”  Then dissolves in to giggles, but still stayed on the arm!  I lost it!  My sweet, (mostly) non verbal little girl was giving us some verbal attitude!

If it had been Aaron or Emma, they probably would have gotten in trouble.  But we were caught so off guard with this we didn’t really know how to react without sending the wrong signal.  We did make her move off of the couch, but praised her for her talking.  It was kind of a difficult decision…I was proud of her even though she was being openly defiant!

Later that night when we put her to bed we told her goodnight and she responded with “Bye!”  My heart melted right there.

Instances like this give me so much hope.  It’s days like that one that make the bad days seem “not so bad”.  Days like that make all the heartache and struggle worth every second.

Progress is there.  Some days it’s small, other days it’s huge.  But it’s always there.  I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.


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