50 Things About Taylor

50 Things About Taylor:

1. Taylor is 6 years old.

2. Her birthday is in July.

3. Taylor is Autistic.

4. She was diagnosed with autism in November of 2005.

5. She was 2 years and 4 months old.

6. Taylor has 1 brother, Aaron, who is 10.

7. Taylor has 1 sister, Emma, who is 4.

8. Taylor will be starting Kindergarten in 2 weeks.

9. She will be going to a new school for the first time in 3 1/2 years.

10. Taylor did not learn to walk until she was 2.5.

11. She’s non verbal.

12. Slowly, she’s starting to speak.

13. Taylor loves music.

14. She can keep a beat like a pro.

15. Taylor is very likeable.

16. It is very easy to get attached to her.

17. Taylor has a beautiful smile.

18. She has an infectious laugh that no one can resist.

19. She loves fruit.

20. Mandarin oranges and apples are her favorites.

21. Taylor tried frog’s legs once and liked them.

22. Her favorite tv shows are Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants,  and the Penguins of Madagascar.

23. She loves rocking chairs.

25. Taylor has been wearing glasses for 4 months.

26.  Taylor will always hug/kiss when asked.

27.  She is sensitive and will cry if she sees someone else crying.

28. She is small for her age.

29. Her sister weighs more than she does.

30. Taylor has smaller feet than her sister, too

31. She had her first surgery (to repair a hernia) in June of 2009 .

32. She was 5 years old.

33. Taylor has a fairly sweet disposition.

34. The one thing that really makes her mad is brushing/styling her hair.

35. Her favorite toy is a Barbie doll.

36. She refuses to keep clothes on it.

37. She love to look through picture albums.

38. She tries to eat dog food on a regular basis.

39. Sometimes she succeeds.

40. Taylor is now fully potty trained.

41. It took us close to 3 years to potty her, but she did it!

42.Taylor likes having her picture taken.

43. The fireworks on the 4th of July used to scare her to tears, now she loves them!

44. Taylor sneaks into the bathroom to play with the toothpaste.

45. Her feet are highly sensitive.

46. She likes to rub her feet on anything with a unique texture.

47. Taylor is adored throughout her (old) school…I am sure she will be adored at her new school, too.

48. She has blue eyes.

49. Taylor is fiercely loved by us (her family).

50. She knows it.

Taylor at the Nashville Zoo (7/2009)


2 responses to “50 Things About Taylor

  1. lauren

    and thanks to you fiercely loved by those of us who dont know her….because of your loving tribute

  2. What a sweet and amazing child.. Thank you for sharing her story.

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